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Users gave 2Know the top rating of 6 stars

Editors awarded  the Beta version  5 out of 6 rubber duckies

Editors awarded version 1.11 4 out of 5 stars 8.00

Top Quality Freeware editors gave 2Know their top rating of 5

The File Transit editors awarded version 1.11 their top rating of 5 starsRated 5 Stars!

Software News awarded their top rating of 5

Visitors rated it 9 out of 10 's

5 star

File Hungry editors awarded their top rating of 5 's

UKs leading download library

UK's leading download library awarded 4 out of 5  's

Top rating of 5 's, and picked as the "Editors Choice"


Unsolicited User Comments 


"Dude, Thanks ! this thing is mega-loaded with helpful links !"

"When I saw your download, I couldn't believe it!  It's great!

"Love your product! Thanks for the free download!!!

"Thanks for this - it looks like a great piece of software!"

"Clever idea. I'm glad you used the standard mnemonic codes that go all the way back to Bruno Furst (or maybe earlier). Wouldn't mind seeing a Mac version. :-)" Reply:  Sorry, no got Mac.

"This program is a fantastic contribution for memory enthusiasts everywhere. I very much enjoy the innovative and user-friendly interface, and I am sure you spent a lot of effort creating the phonetic word database. And it's free? :)" Reply:  Yes, it is free.

"Thanks for sending me your application.  It is absolutely brilliant.  I am just so impressed with how easy it is to use and how logically you have designed it." "Your program is proving very useful. I have been using the phonetic substitution for years but this is a great help in generating the right words."

"Great program.  "Learned" the numeric codes years ago but never seriously kept it up.  This should help."

"I just received your download and put it on my desktop. I tried it on a few possibilities and it works great for mnemonic applications. I like the way it gives you an encompassing array of choices instead of just focusing on the only numbers inputted."

"Thanks VERY much for sharing the software you developed.  The software does a great job.  I'm sure you have helped hundreds of people my making your software available to everyone."

"I am really enjoying this software and it's fabulous links. ...This system of remembering numbers was first encountered by me in "Use Your Head, by Toni Buzan, but I never got around to learning it. Now I am actually becoming conversant with it and using it successfully....I admit I am getting a charge out of it...hehe."

"Just downloaded your program and it works great.  Thank you for offering it free.  Itís a big help for us Mnemonists."

"Excellent work!  I'm using it with my children to help them remember numeric data."