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Program Revisions

bullet11/24/2003: Posted 2Know Version 2.0
bulletGerman and French versions have been added.
bulletA ~145,000 entry German, and ~128,000 entry French dictionaries were added.
bulletDeleted '-' when the prefix/suffix is added to the selected word.
bulletThe 'Prefix & Suffix' grid has been relabeled 'Add to Word'.
bulletApproximately 3500 common words have been added to the end of the dictionaries. Suggestions from this list are made along with prefixes/suffixes after a word has been selected. These words are list in order of 'most common'. This change makes it easy to add common connecting words when building a phrase.  I think this is a great addition.
bulletShortened the 149,000 entry English dictionary to ~66,000 entries. The original list contained too many obscure words.
bulletI have attempted to fix a bug in the animation software. I have never observed the bug so I don't know if I was successful in fixing it.
bulletAdded more tool tip hints - those popup messages that occur when you move the mouse over an object.
bulletAdded additional remote test features.
bulletColumn widths are now adjustable to accommodate the longer foreign words. However, the width of 'Add to Word' table can not be changed.
bulletFixed a bug that caused scrolling of grids when a partially exposed row was selected.
bulletChanged  the Help file to reflect changes.
bulletAdded program version and build information to the 'About' form.

In the case of errors, a program dump is generated and an email to 2Know support is produced, but not sent. User must explicitly send the email.

bullet9/24/2002: Posted 2Know Version 1.11
bulletRecompiled because of changes to development environment. Should not effect users.    
bulletRemoved duplicate numbers from the Lookup conversion.
bullet6/6/2002: Posted 2Know Beta Version 1.1                  
bulletCorrected ~2300 dictionary entries. This error was generated during construction of the dictionary.  Any words beginning with a-k and an "S" sound had the leading zero in the numeric equivalent dropped .
bulletConverting numbers to words speeded up 8x
bulletConverting words to numbers speeded up 1.6x
bulletInitial program load speed improved ~1.6x
bulletCorrected bug that caused dictionary entries with special characters to be potentially ignored when converting words to numbers.
bulletReduced dictionary size ~20% without reducing number of entries.
bulletAdded 2Know website URL to "About" form.
bulletAdded ability to request email notification of new releases.
bulletThere is a new restriction that fields in the dictionary can not have leading or trailing spaces. Not an issue unless you are editing the dictionary.
bullet5/3/2002:  Posted 2Know Version 1.0. 
bulletAdded an installer/uninstaller. No other changes were made. Users of previous versions need not reinstall.

Web Changes

bulletUpdated links and awards.
bulletRearranged the web pages to accommodate foreign language editions.
bulletRemoved the manual to simplify updating the program.
bulletAdded a list of software that was used to create 2Know.
bulletChanged my Internet Service Provider to accommodate increased traffic.
bulletAdded additional user comments.
bulletAdded 'Acknowledgements' section.

bullet12/10/2002: Updated links and awards pages.
bullet10/18/2002: Updated awards page.
bullet10/8/2002: Added awards page
bullet9/24/2002: Added a couple of new links to memory web pages     
bullet5/3/2002: Added "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Unsolicited User Comments" sections