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Frequently Asked Questions

bullet Is it freeware?  Totally. However, I do ask you send me picture postcard if you like it.
bullet Is it adware?  No.  In fact I have declined promotional offers that required I put links on this site.
bullet Is any spyware included within the download?  No. I am a big privacy advocate.
bullet Why was 2Know created?  I started my career as a scientific/systems programmer.  When I became an empty-nester, I decided have some fun and brush up on my programming skills. I also thought it would be fun to write a self-improvement application. 
bullet Why is 2Know free?   I did it for fun, not profit. It is in a niche market so I did not think it would be worthwhile charge for it.
bullet What software did you use to develop 2Know?
bullet  Delphi 5.0 by Borland is the programming language. Powerful and easy to use, but alas on the decline, at least in the United States
bullet TGifImage component by Anders Melander for animating images. 
bullet ExceptionalMagic component by Dmitriy Gremyakov for trapping errors both during development and after deployment.
bullet StringAlignGrid component by Andreas Hörstemeier for the tables/grids.
bullet GIF Construction Set by Alchemy Mindworks Inc. to create animated images.
bullet IconJack32  by Neil J. Rubenking to find appropriate icons.
bullet HelpScribble™ by Jan Goyvaerts to generate on-line help and the printed manual.
bullet Inno by Jordon Russell, for installing/uninstalling.
bullet Microsoft FrontPage for webpage development.
bulletMicrosoft Word, Access, and Excel for editing the dictionary.
bullet Winzip™ by WinZip Computing, Inc
bullet PadGen by the Association of Shareware Professionals for distributing program information to freeware/shareware sites.
bullet Softsubmit by AnalogX to help distribute information to freeware/shareware sites.
bulletPaint Shop Pro™  by Jasc Software, Inc. to edit the web images.
bulletGetVersion by Lance Leonard to retrieve program version and build information.
bulletGNU gettext for Delphi, C++ Builder, and Kylix 1.1.1 by Lars B. Dybdahl,  Jacquez Garcia Vasquez, and Sandro Wendt to provide multilanguage support.  

And that is just a partial list. Maybe I should have charged for 2Know after all.